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Get 5-10cm accuracy on your onTrak ion through satellite correction over mobile data with a veriTrak subscription

Diagram showing how veriTrak connects to the cloud and sends data to your phone or tablet

veriTrak is a optional service which enhances accuracy

The onTrak ion can utilise veriTrak to achieve high precision results for a relatively low cost.

veriTrak delivers GPS correction data in realtime to your onTrak ion through the onTrak app. A mobile or data connection is required. veriTrak combines fixed ground station positioning data to increase the accuracy of normal satellite data.

The simpleist way to get veriTrak is to subscribe when you purchase onTrak ion (50% first year discount).

Pricing & how to subscribe to veriTrak

Only compatible with onTrak ion

veriTrak yearly subscription

veriTrak – first year half price when you sign up when purchasing onTrak ion

The most convenient time to sign up for veriTrak is when you purchase your onTrak ion. Not only will it arrive pre-enabled with no setup required you will also receive 50% off the first year.

Offer applied at checkout: 50% off first year
$250.00 / year

veriTrak provides GPS correction data in realtime to your onTrak ion to substantially improve accuracy. A mobile data connection is required for veriTrak, subscriptions can be cancelled anytime before renewal date. See the veriTrak page for more details.

If you already have an onTrak ion

  1. Connect your onTrak ion to the onTrak app (download for iOS and Android)
  2. Tap “start veriTrak” to start subscription setup (device must be connected to internet)
$250.00 / year

Get unlimited use of veriTrak with this annual subscription. Manage or cancel your subscription anytime from your Agricision account.

$70.00 for 1 month

Have you got a task that requires higher accuracy just for a short period? Then this 30 day activation is designed for you.

Diagram showing how veriTrak connects to the cloud and sends data to your phone or tablet
Map showing availability of the veriTrak service

veriTrak is available in selected regions

You can access correctional satellite data through veriTrak in Europe, the contiguous United States, Canada, South Korea, and certain Australia regions.

The red parts of this map shows area covered by veriTrak.

Remember, you will need a mobile/cell data internet connection on your phone or tablet to be able to receive the realtime correction data.

Picture onTrak ion and onTrak ion logo. onTrak ion is compatible with veriTrak

Only available with the onTrak ion

Both onTrak original and onTrak ion can operate without veriTrak (or any other subscriptions). But only the ion has the potential to use veriTrak and achieve high precision.

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