onTrak is a tractor GPS system above all others.

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onTrak tractor GPS system next to an iPad with the onTrak app

What does it do?

onTrak tractor GPS system guides you along parallel lines to take the guesswork out of driving

ontrak tractor GPS system on a bonnet or hood showing parallel lines on a field to show you where to drive, so you don't have to guess

Clear and effective 2 part precision guidance.

onTrak is a battery-powered wireless GPS device with bright guidance lights

It uses our free iOS / Android app in the cab

ontrak tractor GPS system on a bonnet or hood showing it connected to an iPad with app in the cab. It is clear and effective on the bonnet.
Someone putting the portable onTrak system on a tractor hood

Flexible, portable GPS for tractors

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Simply affordable.

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ontrak tractor GPS system with its box. There is the unit, a cable, 8 sticky pads and a quick-start guide

See onTrak tractor GPS system in action

onTrak is now available in two robust, waterproof models:

onTrak original tractor gps system

onTrak Original


The original onTrak is tried and tested by thousands of farmers worldwide. First launched in 2017, onTrak is probably the most affordable tractor GPS system in the world.

onTrak is market leading in the entry-level sector, perfect for grassland operations such as fertiliser spreading and spraying.

onTrak ion tractor gps system with badge to show it is compatible with veritrak

onTrak ion

UseOriginalonTrak ion
Recommended operationsLower accuracy operations (e.g. grassland fertiliser)Higher accuracy operations (e.g. drilling crops)
Portable between machines (no wires)
Minimum recommended speed5 kmph1.5 kmph
Compatible with all free features of Agricision’s iOS and Android apps
Expected pass to pass accuracy (free signal) – read more about accuracy30 cm20 cm
Accuracy with optional veriTrak subscription (phone signal required)5–10 cm
Device featuresOriginalonTrak ion
Waterproof enclosure
24 hour USB-C rechargeable battery life
Ultra strong (100 N) magnetic feet
Inbuilt GPS receiverOriginalonTrak ion
Constellations usedGPS + QZSS/SBAS • GLONASS • Galileo • BeiDouGPS + QZSS/SBAS • GLONASS • Galileo • BeiDou
SBAS enabled (e.g. EGNOAS / WASS)
GNSS receiver92 Channel, 4 concurrent constellations, L1184 Channel, 4 concurrent constellations, L1/L2/E5
Navigation update rate10 hz10 hz
Integrated 3D Gyroscope & Accelerometer for terrain compensation
Diagram showing where ontrak tractor gps system sits on a tractor

onTrak Features

Mounted in your line of sight on the tractor’s bonnet, the 7 LEDs provide clear guidance to keep you driving parallel lines up and down a field.


Reinvented Light Bar


See technical information and setup guides for onTrak

More details
Diagram showing where the iPad and ios and android app goes, the second half of the tractor gps system

Our free app

In your cab, our free Agricision onTrak app turns your Tablet or Phone into the onTrak control centre

Our free app works with Android phones and Tablets as well as Apple iPads and iPhones. For the best experience we recommend using onTrak with a tablet as the screen is larger. Although a phone works well too.
The app is used to setup the machine working width, generate straight and curved guidance lines, map area worked, measure fields and much more.

Android phone and android tablet showing. the onTrak app in use
You can download the app for the ontrak tractor gps system on the app store

Key onTrak Tractor GPS App Functions

See App Features page

Photo of a tractor mowing, showing you can enter your machine dimensions in the ontrak tractor gps system app
Drive in a straight line to setup the tractor GPS system with the ontrak tractor gps system
Measure a field with a boundary line with the ontrak tractor gps system app
Record coverage with the ontrak tractor gps system to see mapped coverage

AB Guidance Lines

Field Memory

Implement Offsets

Measure Field Area

View, Share, and Print

Coverage Mapping

Field Recognition

Adjustable Sensitivity

Satellite Overlay

Farmers weekly logo where ontrak tractor gps system has been reviewed

“It’s an ideal piece of kit for basic straight-line guidance and should pay for itself in no time.”

Farmers guardian logo where ontrak tractor gps system has been reviewed

“The onTrak system is a tool which should quickly pay for itself in cost savings simply by applying chemicals and fertilisers more accurately.”

Union jack UK flag to show where ontrak tractor gps system has been manufactured

We are proud that the onTrak is manufactured 100% in the UK and distributed around the world through our online shop.

Key markets are USA, UK, AU, NZ and Europe.

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