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Probably the simplest agricultural guidance system in the world. Perfect for low – medium accuracy applications where free satellite signal is sufficient.

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UseOriginalonTrak ion
Recommended operationsLower accuracy operations (e.g. grassland fertiliser)Higher accuracy operations (e.g. drilling crops)
Portable between machines (no wires)
Minimum recommended speed5 kmph1.5 kmph
Compatible with all free features of Agricision’s iOS and Android apps
Expected pass to pass accuracy (free signal) – read more about accuracy30 cm20 cm
Accuracy with optional veriTrak subscription (phone signal required)5–10 cm
Device featuresOriginalonTrak ion
Waterproof enclosure
24 hour USB-C rechargeable battery life
Ultra strong (100 N) magnetic feet
Inbuilt GPS receiverOriginalonTrak ion
Constellations usedGPS + QZSS/SBAS • GLONASS • Galileo • BeiDouGPS + QZSS/SBAS • GLONASS • Galileo • BeiDou
SBAS enabled (e.g. EGNOAS / WASS)
GNSS receiver92 Channel, 4 concurrent constellations, L1184 Channel, 4 concurrent constellations, L1/L2/E5
Navigation update rate10 hz10 hz
Integrated 3D Gyroscope & Accelerometer for terrain compensation
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